Every NXEars uses 100% Knowles ™ Balanced Armature Drivers – Hugh Knowles invented the micro Balanced Armature Driver (BA), and the company he founded has pioneered BA innovation ever since. With over 50 years of experience, Knowles is the leader and the world’s largest global producer in BA Design and Manufacturing. Each Knowles BA Driver is individually adjusted and tested at the factory for precise matching and consistent high performance.

Balanced Armature Drivers offer design possibilities and performance levels that no other type of transducer can match. Being exceptionally transparent, highly efficient and capable of achieving extremely high sound pressure levels, a single BA Driver alone can deliver amazing fidelity in a very small, convenient package. They can also be used in combinations of multiple units; much like large loudspeaker systems wherein individual drivers are assigned to cover only a specific frequency range.

Patent Pending Acoustic Design

Proprietary acoustic design employing innovative, Patent Pending “Aperiodic Ground Loading” (AGL) of the ear canal allows NXEars IEMs to project an enveloping soundstage, delicate detail retrieval and long-term hearing comfort without the typical stress and listening fatigue of other brands. 

In fact, if you are familiar with a variety other types and brands of headphones & earphones, after listening to a pair of NXEars IEMs you might be surprised to find that in certain aspects they actually sound and almost feel more like quality “over-the-ear” headphones.

Multiway Crossover Design

Very similar to loudspeaker design, for multiple BA-based IEMs to perform accurately with low distortion and linear response in both the frequency and time domains it is essential to incorporate a frequency dividing “crossover” network. And just like their larger counterpart, the reason is simple: Smaller BA Drivers designed for use as high-frequency “tweeters” have smaller diaphragms of lower mass, which allows them to move faster in order to accurately reproduce High Frequencies.

That advantage has a major drawback though because the smaller diaphragm is easily overloaded and will produce excessive distortion when the driver is subjected to low frequency signals. Therefore, a BA Driver constructed with a larger diaphragm (i.e., a “woofer”) must be used to cover the Low-Frequency portion of the audio range. Similarly, being large, the woofer’s diaphragm is unable to accurately reproduce high frequencies. In light of these limitations, a frequency dividing network or “crossover” is needed to separate the audio spectrum into individual “bands” that direct energy to each BA Driver according to its abilities.