The NXEars story

NXEars High Performance In-Ear Monitors are the union of advanced acoustics, precision circuit design, and artistic musical expressions.

Designed in California USA by the principal acoustic design team that had won over 25 International Audio Awards, we wanted to solve a fundamental pain point in earphone listening - the Occlusion Effect (OE) that everyone hates but nobody has solved until now.

Occlusion Effect occurs when earphones are inserted into the ears forming an airtight seal. This, combined with the acoustic output of the transducer, can cause the middle ear to become subject to asymmetrical pressure from the ‘Push and Pull’ of the transducer in the earphones - generating high levels of stress, discomfort and fatigue. Furthermore, the asymmetrical pressure offsets the eardrum and produces high self-distortion.

NXEars invented U.S. Patent No. 11,405,717 “Aperiodic Ground Loading” (AGL) to eliminate the occlusion effect - the build-up of excessive ear canal pressure can be channeled and dissipated back to an “acoustic ground state,” i.e. the ambient pressure.  AGL operates at way below 10Hz and is asynchronous to the frequency response of earphones.

This innovation greatly benefits hearing health and reduces listening fatigue. It also removes the self-distortion of the inner ear, resulting in a pristine distortion-free, delicate, and revealing musical experience.